Some Recent Links

As I settle into a new role as a postdoctoral fellow at the UCSD Studio for Ethnographic Design, I’m reflecting on all that happened during the summer of 2015 – what a packed few months it’s been!

a composite of three photographs shows Cassandra Hartblay, Eric Mathews, and Andrea Mazzarino, dressed formally and seated at a table, each in turn learning forward to speak into microphones. Low light and a projection screen with a blue hue are in the background. Various note papers and water glasses are on the table in front of the speakers.

A few highlights:

I was also an enthusiastic spectator-at-a-distance for the production of the new play FREIGHT at HERE Arts Center in New York. Joseph Megel, who developed and directed that show, has been a great mentor to me as I develop a documentary theater project based on my research. Congrats to all involved in that production!

Finally -in the travel tips/canine adventures department, the dog beach at Ocean Beach in San Diego is fantastic!

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