Installation Launch: Cripping Cyberspace

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of my new ethnographic installation in its digital incarnation this Friday, September 27th!! The project, Do You Like This Installation?, is one of four commissioned works featured in a contemporary online art exhibition titled Cripping Cyberspace. The broader exhibition is curated by uber-talented Amanda Cachia, presented by … Continue reading Installation Launch: Cripping Cyberspace

New posts up on “Kto Kuda Kak?” Accessibility Blog

You might remember a meme that got passed around the internet last fall, showing pictures of utterly inaccessible ramps from around Russia. Russian accessibility activists like to call these the "galochki" or check-mark ramps: Is there a ramp? Yes! Does it work? Who cares?! It's there, put a check mark in the accessibility box! Last … Continue reading New posts up on “Kto Kuda Kak?” Accessibility Blog

Imag(in)ing Accessibility in Karelia, Russia

I'm excited to announce the launch of a collaborative project with several non-profit organizations in Karelia, Russia! It is a blog collecting images of accessibility in the North Western republic of the Russian Federation where I am living while conducting my dissertation fieldwork. You may remember a series of viral images that circulated on Facebook … Continue reading Imag(in)ing Accessibility in Karelia, Russia