Imag(in)ing Accessibility in Karelia, Russia

A screen shot of the website "Who? Where? How?: ability in the built environment of Karelia"I’m excited to announce the launch of a collaborative project with several non-profit organizations in Karelia, Russia! It is a blog collecting images of accessibility in the North Western republic of the Russian Federation where I am living while conducting my dissertation fieldwork.

You may remember a series of viral images that circulated on Facebook and Twitter in the early fall of 2012, collecting images of impassable ramps (ramp-fails) in Russia. This project seeks to gather images of both accessible and inaccessible space in the region, and to include images of accessibility that do not reduce disability or access to wheelchair-users only. A photo contest, and some special events open to area high school students, will help to spur participation for local citizens to submit photos to the blog.

Special thanks to the co-organizers of this project, and read more in Russian on the webpage itself.