Brooklyn Open Studios, June 1-3 2007

dioRAMA is a combination of individual and collaborative work that interrogates the notion of ‘museum’ as a medium for sharing information. Exploring the connection between the personal and the public, the past and our present, viewer and viewed, knower and known, themes of woman and nature emerge as labels are contested. Work includes painting, photography, interactive installation, film, and multimedia performance. Contributors include Cassandra Hartblay, Rory Mulligan, Tatyana Tenenbaum, Hannah Verrill, Lucy Segar, Anya Roberts-Toney, Jenni Sussman, Lisa Krashaur, and Sam Haar. A multimedia performance featuring dance, video, and live electronics will transpire at 2pm on Saturday, June 2nd.

still from “dioRAMA” (4:51 looped projection shot on DVtape)
concept & editing – Cassandra Hartblay
performers – Jennifer and Katie Sussman, Amber Hartblay


Interactive Installation View
Unlabeled glass jars, assorted jar contents (twigs, sticks, apple cider vinegar, mismatched nails and screws, grasses, etc.), shelf, label-maker